Have you ever had that one individual that asked you critical questions, challenged you to greater performance levels and may have even changed the course of your life? Professor Tom Mullen was that inspiration for me early on in my career. He pushed me to do Ph.D research work when I was not even in the program and taught me there are only the limits that we place on ourselves for what is possible to accomplish.

As you progress further in your career and life, you may encounter fewer people who may take the time to have conversations with you about the best path for your professional life. The people around you expect you to “just do your work” thinking it’s what you want to do, with no discussion about the type of work that brings you joy, the expertise you possess to bring greater value to your organization or the areas of new learnings you want to pursue. For many of us, we sometimes “fall into” our roles because we’re good at it vs. having a clear intent and focus on the kind of work that brings us meaning and joy.

CoachMong was created with the spirit to inspire you to critically think again about YOUR passions, YOUR dreams and give you that sounding board to move you toward them and ultimately transform your life. However you’re looking to engage with me, my wish is for everyone to have a Tom Mullen in their life to push them to reach their peak potential and achieve all of their professional goals and dreams!

It takes a certain type of person to believe that they can do more than the norm; to contribute their unique talents and gifts that only THEY possess and to touch the lives of the people that cross their paths in a colossal way. If you’ve somehow made it to my website, you ARE this person.

Let your brilliance shine through. I believe in you!

Yours in learning and growing together,

Coach Mong

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Generic CoverHave you ever asked yourself why success comes easily to some people?

Or why some people seem content, no matter what their circumstances?

Or why some people seem fulfilled, energized and optimistic even though they haven’t yet reached their goals?

The answer to these questions is simple: When you make choices and take action based on the little voice—the voice in your heart—all things become possible.

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