Changes are HARD

By August 13, 2015 Coach Mong Blog No Comments

Changes are HARD

By August 13, 2015 Coach Mong Blog No Comments

It’s true, whether you’re starting a new school or a new job, those first day jitters don’t go away. I have a few friends who are starting new roles this past week and my son who is entering 4th grade in a new school. It is startling how similar their situations are. The environment is different than what was experienced before. The people are different. You may not know your way around to the most essential things like the bathroom, lunchroom or local eateries. Change is hard and can feel like your navigating an American Ninja Warrior course. Give yourself time to adjust and get acclimated.

Here are three simple TIPs to make the first week transition smoother:

  1. Make a Friend
    Find a friendly face that is willing to help you out or at least help you avoid landmines. It will go a long way to making you feel more at ease in a new environment. And if that is challenging, do what I did and ask for some help to pave the way for that connection to happen. I informed my school principal what was going in with the difficult transition, and she helped to make a few connections in the classroom. Hopefully, that will work! You too can ask your manager or colleagues who might be someone who can help you transition quickly into your new role. It might shave a few weeks off your learning curve to have someone tell you the do’s and don’ts to being successful in your new company.
  2. Celebrate Small Wins
    Give yourself a pat on the back when things start to go your way. It could for things like being able to get back to your desk without getting lost or getting your email and voicemail set up with your personalized information. Don’t shortchange the little things, they mean a lot to getting you situated and feeling like you’re ready to roll.
  3. Take it One Day at a Time
    Sometimes when we think about the next month or year of our life, change can seem unbearable. Break down time to small periods and one day at a time, where you focus on things getting a little easier, a little less uncomfortable and gaining confidence and comfort. You CAN do it!
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Mong Sai
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