New Year. New Skills

New Year. New Skills


With the new lunar year upon us, have you made your new year’s resolution this year to include improving your personal marketability? This is increasing your value and worth to your existing role and company or adding to your toolbox for a new role in the future. Ask  yourself:

  • What new skills can I learn this year? How can I got about getting these new skills? Are there resources available currently in my company that I could tap into or can I make a case for my company to pay for me to attend a seminar or take a class?
  • What new knowledge can you learn about to bring more value to the table? Is there someone within my company that possesses this knowledge that I could learn from or be mentored by? Are there books or articles I could read to further develop my knowledge in a particular are?
  • What new experiences do I want to be part of? These experiences can include interacting with different people with different experiences levels, it could include learning a new language or just doing something entirely different that  you have not done in the past.

Whatever your answers to the questions above, make a commitment to your personal learning and development to learn that ONE new skill, knowledge or experience that will make 2015 the best year ever for you!

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Mong Sai
Mong is a mentor, coach, and trainer. She models what she preaches by continually exposing herself to new and different learning experiences. This continually gives her a fresh perspective and sharpens her ability to bring new ideas to clients. Her goal is to inspire, motivate and empower others to be their best! She wants everyone to always feel that there is someone cheering for them and on their side. Read More

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