When Opportunity Knocks, Answer

When Opportunity Knocks, Answer


During the holiday season, I have a tendency to start my baking routine after Thanksgiving until Christmas as a small token of my family’s appreciation for the people who are in our lives. Yesterday, a parent from my kid’s Chinese class called me up asking to sign up for one of my cooking classes. When I told her, I don’t offer cooking classes she said “Why not? You should and besides, I want to learn exactly how to make all the cookies that you made for me.”

What started out as a kind no, to a I’ll think about it, has now turned into looking at how can I make this possible in spite of all the balls I have in the air. This situation is similar to  many opportunities that present themselves to us, yet our first thought is think of all the reasons why something is not possible or convenient for us. As a result, we may miss opportunities that can shape and develop us. As a coach and trainer, it is my inherit personality to assist and support someone who asks for help. As a fellow human being, it is nice to see persistence in people and reinforces that passionate people with clear intentions get what they focus on.

When someone asks you to invest your time in something and before automatically saying no, ask yourself:

  • what I can learn from this experience?
  • who can I meet to help advance my personal and professional goals?
  • how I can teach others what I have learned and have it benefit others?
  • how can I be of service to others to advance their goals and what can I gain?

Life is about a series of decisions- what we choose to spend our time on and what we don’t. When we stretch and do things outside of our comfort zone, we find that we have the capability to do so much more than what we give ourselves credit for.

As for me, I will be figuring out how to host my first “Baking Class” and will keep you posted on my progress!

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Mong Sai
Mong is a mentor, coach, and trainer. She models what she preaches by continually exposing herself to new and different learning experiences. This continually gives her a fresh perspective and sharpens her ability to bring new ideas to clients. Her goal is to inspire, motivate and empower others to be their best! She wants everyone to always feel that there is someone cheering for them and on their side. Read More

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