Work With Me

Wherever you are around the globe, Coach Mong can support your endeavors through various channels:

  1. Breakthrough Coaching Session-an accelerated and powerful coaching session, designed to help you achieve a renewed sense of alignment, confidence, empowerment, motivation and purpose in your life.  Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, long-time limiting beliefs or past-based fears can be released enabling  you to overcome bad habits and begin to achieve your greatest professional success.
  2. High Performance Coaching– Are you already performing at a high level and want to accelerate your performance even further? Learn how 1:1 or group coaching can help remove roadblocks in your way and help you CRUSH your goals. Download this file for a free coaching strategy session and to determine if you are suitable candidate for this type of coaching.
  3. Training Large Populations– Super Star Academy is a highly experiential two day workshop to enable individuals to be their very best in any work environment.

Please contact Mong for any other areas of support needed.